Lonnie's Videos

Mike Greaseball
and the Dip-Woppers
1986 2:13 This is a lip-sync of an old 50's tune "I Wonder Why". We performed it at the MYF Church Variety Show in 1986. From left to Right: Mike W., Brad, me and Tom
Mike Greaseball
and the Dip-Woppers 2
1987 1:47 This is another lip-synch from a MYF Variety Show. This one is the "Yackity Yak, Don't Talk Back" song. Dancing with mops seemed like a good idea at the time. Catch Brad's solo with a 6 foot saxophone! From left to Right: Brad, Mike, Tom and me
Like a Dog 1991 0:51 This was my first public performance with Bits N Nuggets. We were playing at the same church as above, except this time we were really playing our instruments, we should've lip-synched. :-)
Tempted 1995 1:18 This was an open mike night that occured in my basement. It's a little dark, but that's Mike Z. crooning "Tempted" by Squeeze. Carlos is next to him, lending moral support and backup vocals.
Rock And Roll All Nite 1995 1:07 At that same open mike night, Odenton played this Kiss song. Steve hiccups on the drum intro and I totally blow the opening guitar riff, but at least Rob's a good singer.
Tom and Stacy Congratulating Us 1998 0:09 This is a little wedding reception clip (from my first wedding) of Tom and Stacey saying congratulations. Notice that Tom starts to speak, then defers to Stacey.
Dustin Gig, Margaritaville 2004 1:11 In 2004, my friend Dustin hooked me up with a gig at a party to honor his Aunt and Uncle. It was really fun. Here's the National Drinking Song, "Margaritaville".
Harvest Festival 2004 2004 1:13 In 2003 and 2004, my church contemporary service band played a Harvest Festival for the church. The clip is a little far away, but we had noone to run the video camera.
Band Together For CAPP 2011 2:58 This is the Band Together For CAPP, which was kind of a band showcase to raise money for CAPP. This is "Get Down" by Audio Adrenalize. We like it because the kids like to dance to it.
Hectic Red - Lonnie played with them! 2015 4:05 This is my 40th birthday party. My wife got Hectic Red to play my birthday party. I played "Brown Eyed Girl" with them. Unbelievable!

More to come...