Sabrina Tribute (R.I.P.)

Sabrina died of old age on March 15, 2011. She was a good kitty. We miss her terribly. Here's the rest of her story.

In 2000, we got a kitty cat. She was about a year old and came pre-named as "Sabrina". Sabrina is a lovely tabby with little white socks on her paws. She has a little brown spot one of her front paws. She also has a wonderful stripey head and very fancy cleopatra-style eye makeup.

Update: We used to think that Sabrina was the most even-tempered cat in the world. But it turns out she hates all other animals. We got another cat and she spent the first 6 months whacking the other cat on the forehead for no reason. She's starting to get along with Sassy, the other cat.

This is Sabrina.


Author: Lonnie Eastin,
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