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Odenton (you know, like Boston and Chicago :-) is the band that I am in currently. We are a classic rock band, playing mostly 70's -80's covers. Steve moved to North Carolina, so we don't play very much anymore.

The picture on the right is of an Odenton incarnation from 1994, with lead singer Mike Nastasi. We've had a number of different lineups, but me, Steve and Pat are always there.

The beat goes on. We now play with Dustin. He sounds just like Garth Brooks, so we worked in some country songs into the set list. We now go by the name of Little Joe and the Odentones. (I'm Little Joe)

The Columbia Gig, 1999

The Dustin Gig, 2004

The Players

Dustin Sears Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lonnie Eastin Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard,
Harmonica, Vocals
Pat McKay Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Steve Burg Drums, Vocals


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The whole band as Kiss
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We're the Muppet Band