Lonnie, Greg, Mike and Jon's Climbing Trip 2001

In 2001, we went rock climbing. Jon now lives in Atlanta, so he met us in the parking lot on Day 1. The first day's climb was a route called "The Daddy". We drove down and slept in the parking lot of Linville Gorge, North Carolina. In the morning we hiked down to the bottom of "The Daddy".
The Daddy

Pictures - Day 1

Day 2

At the end of the first day Jon had to bail on us. So for the second day we did a slab climb at Stone Mountain National Park, also in North Carolina. Stone Mountain looks like a giant softball that someone jammed about halfway into the ground. Only it's actually an onion, because there are layers of rock that create cracks to help you climb it. It was very cool.
No Alternative

Pictures - Day 2

An amusing side note to Day 2

In the parking lot of Stone Mountain National Park, we found a soda machine. We then attempted to get the soda of our choice from the machine. The machine had other ideas. It seemed to produce random sodas, regardless of what button you pressed. A Diet Coke, Mello Yellow, Cherry Coke, Grape Soda and an Iced Tea came out of the machine before I finally realized that getting a regular Coke just wasn't in the cards. I drank the Mello Yellow.

Author: Lonnie Eastin, jleastin@wagnercsi.com
Last Changed: May 19th, 2001